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Curitan Foundation’s Inaugural mission trip to Nigeria

The Curitan Foundation has marked a significant milestone with its first-ever mission trip to Nigeria, aimed at advancing mental health awareness and capacity building in the region. The trip, which brought together volunteers, partners, and stakeholders, served as a platform to launch key initiatives and engage with the local community.

During the course of the mission trip, Curitan Foundation conducted training sessions for volunteers, equipping them with essential skills and resources to support mental health initiatives in Nigeria. These sessions underscored the foundation’s dedication to building a network of individuals committed to addressing mental health challenges in the region.

One of the highlights of the mission trip was a meeting with notable partners in the mental health sector. Through collaboration and engagement, Curitan Foundation strengthened its relationships with key stakeholders, fostering a united front in the fight against stigma and promoting mental health education in Nigeria.

The mission trip culminated in the launch of the foundation’s highly anticipated book, “Understanding Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Communities.” This book serves as a valuable resource for faith-based organizations and communities, offering insights and guidance on mental health awareness, support, and advocacy.

Overall, Curitan Foundation’s inaugural mission trip to Nigeria has set the stage for impactful initiatives and partnerships in the realm of mental health. As the foundation continues its work to promote mental health education and support, this mission trip serves as a testament to our commitment to creating positive change and fostering a culture of mental wellness in the region.

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